Dame Lucy Bun and Reg is an award winning comedy show, that has been performing around the world and entertaining audiences for almost 20 years.  The show has a strong following of fans and has built up a very good reputation in its field.

The Show is based around an old married couple Lucy and Reg Bun, who will take you back to the days of Music Hall, with a show that caters to all generations.

The Show has many formats and can be adapted to any venue and any audience.

The main format of the show is 45 minutes to an hour of comedy and singing, but can be split into separate shows, depending on the requirements, but the show is only usually split for cruise contracts as more than one show is required.

Although the show is not designed as a children’s show, it does respect a child friendly space by employing it’s over the head comedy.  It can also be adapted to suit an adult audience.

For more information or if you would like to book the show, please contact Simon Young on 07900 213452 or email info@damelucybunandreg.co.uk